Would Trump Be Winning with a Midwestern Twang?

Dropped Rs (they-ah for there), added Rs (idea-r for idea). Ds instead of Ts (dees, dem, dose). Lots of aw (cawfee for coffee), and attitude—Okay? OKAY? This year, the election accent advantage is yuge. Maybe it’s crazy to argue that Trump’s pronunciation has helped him to the Republican nomination. Crazy is the new sanity. I’m a fourth-generation […]


“Fallout” in Central Park!!

Don’t run for shelter. Bolt to Best Buy for binoculars. Fallout, a bird watching term, is what happens when tired migratory birds drop in for a visit. Central Park is one of the top-10 bird watching places in the country. Tom Fiore, a birder, writes today’s New York update on American Birding Association News. If you’ve […]


Article on Mom– We’re Live at Vox!!!

  Dear Everyone Who Helped, The photography project I executed with my mom is now live at Vox!!! Thanks to you all for making this project a reality and a success. First, thank you to my mom, Patsy Murray, for being such a spectacular sport. You didn’t even bat an eye at what must have […]


Anna’s Novel: St. Brigid’s Cloak

Dear Readers, Thank you for your interest in my novel! If you read my recent essay in Vox, you know the theme of mother-daughter relationships is one close to my heart. If you download the two sample chapters, you will meet Delia who’s trying to reclaim her lost fortune, and also her once-famous model mother. […]


Stepping into my Mother’s Shoes– Update

Folks have been askin’ about the January photo shoot. And it was awesome!!! Here’s an update. Mom arrived on set just as I was finishing her Glamour cover. This one… My legs were shaking trying to hold the pose for 45 minutes. Then Mom casually drops the following comment: “You know, Diane Arbus did that photograph.” […]


Five Ways Barbie Over 50 Is Worse than Normal Barbie

Standard Barbie was bad enough, a femme-bot with human-scale measurements of 39-18-33. She stood en pointe, feet molded for high heels (human scale size 3 with eight inch spikes). In my generation, there was no career-related Barbie, like Barbie astronaut. There was only bride Barbie, ski Barbie, and hippie Barbie, etc. Barbie, a fashion doll […]


Greece in a Paragraph

Greece is the world’s first and oldest democracy and the cradle of Western civilization. It fell to Rome in 146 BC, but the Romans adopted Greek culture and continued to spread it all over the world. In 1453, the Ottoman Empire invaded Greece. Greece remained under Ottoman, then Turkish, domination for 400 years. In 1821, […]